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 How To Get A salad Bar in a Capsule:
 Learn How To Get 7-13 Servings of Fresh Fruits & Veggies Per Day
What Physicians Are Saying:
 Tina Jones, M.D.
Dr. Jones finds people are not eating right and must learn how to eat healthy, quality foods to live a robust life. That’s why she recommends Juice Plus+ as a way to improve diet. Dr. Jones remarks, "Juice Plus+ strengthens the immune system. None of us know when health challenges will come our way. A nutritionally sound body heals itself better than a malnourished body can. Juice Plus+ adds the nutrition plus we all need."
 Gerald Tulzer, M.D.
Dr. Tulzer recommends Juice Plus+ because he says, "There is so much scientific evidence behind Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ is a product that's useful; that's safe; and we know from research exactly what it does in our bodies." 
Valerie Miles, M.D.
Dr. Miles believes that by taking baby steps in the right direction, family nutrition can improve and transform your health. She has recommended Juice Plus+ for her patients for several years.

"The vehicle of education that Juice Plus+ provides me to speak on the topic of nutritional education nationwide fits perfectly with my mission to change the face of healthcare for children in America. We truly can raise awareness, help people take action, and make this happen together."
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